Puppy Culture Training

The right start from birth

Breeders have more opportunity to make a dramatic impact on a puppy’s ultimate personality than anyone else ever will. By the time the puppy goes to his new home, much of that opportunity has already been lost. Puppy Culture includes...

  • Preparation and Prenatal Care
  • Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Weaning Setup and Suggestions 
  • Developmental Periods
    • Understanding Behavioral Markers
    • Age Appropriate Games and Exercises
    • Handling Fear Periods
  • Enrichment Effect
    • Creating an Enriching Environment 
    • Puzzles and Problem Solving
    • Active vs Passive Challenges
  • Early Socialization
    • Safety Measures
    • How to Hold a Puppy Party
    • Vaccination vs Socialization 
  • Communication Trinity
    • Training Marker
    • Offering Good Behaviors
    • Manding
  • Problem Prevention
    • Emotional Resiliency Exercises
    • Anti-Aggression Protocols 
    • Sound-Proofing Puppies
  • Preparing Your Puppy Buyers

All Backed Up With Science! We’ve brought together a team of leading breeders, veterinarians, and behaviorists to explain the science behind WHY Puppy Culture works so well." - excerpt from Puppy Culture. ***


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