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Seven Mini-Pomsky teddybear pups were born on May 8th to Bluejay+Audubon bred through artificial insemination to create the smaller size. We will know by June 8th once our reservation list has chosen if we have any pups available to the public. We are accepting reservations for future litters. 


Mini-Pomsky Teddybears born May 8th

Welcome Blue+Audo's third litter of sweet little mini's. 

Exceptional Quality Health Tested Wooly Pomsky Puppies


About Bluebird House of Pomsky

How do I purchase a Bluebird House Pomsky?

How do I purchase a Bluebird House Pomsky?

We started Pomskies of Minnesota - Bluebird House of Pomsky LLC to create superb quality FIRST GENERATION (F1) WOOLY (super soft, extra fluffy, shedding only twice a year) POMSKY puppies at a time when other breeders are moving away from this as first generation Pomskies are very expensive and difficult to breed due to requiring hormone testing and artificial insemination.  Breeding our exceptional pups requires a close relationship with our reproductive veterinary group.


Our pups are started off right with "Puppy Culture" training that begins at birth.  See the navigation bar section for more info.  "Breeders have more opportunity to make a dramatic impact on a puppy’s ultimate personality than anyone else ever will. By the time the puppy goes to his new home, much of that opportunity has already been lost. 


Going above and beyond to create the most healthy, sound puppies who are ready to be a well rounded member of your family is what we LOVE to do. Frequent updates and videos starting with ultrasounds through the birth of your puppy and their first 8 weeks are posted on our private "Families" page. Early involvement is just one of the many reasons why people prefer to be on our reservation list. 

 *We do this all while maintaining average Pomsky prices. 

**Our parent dogs are all Embark tested and cleared of over 180 diseases! 

***Bluebird House of Pomsky is a proud breeder member of the International Pomsky Association upholding a strong code of ethics. 

We scoured the country investing in only the best purebred AKC registered dogs from proven lines with exceptional pedigrees for our breeding program foundation line and it shows! 


Versace F1 out of Wren + Audo 15 pounds of chocolate wooly pomsky perfection

How do I purchase a Bluebird House Pomsky?

How do I purchase a Bluebird House Pomsky?

How do I purchase a Bluebird House Pomsky?

Please follow the link to complete our puppy application. Once your application is accepted your nonrefundable $500 reservation deposit holds your place in line for picking a puppy.  Placing your deposit confirms that you have done your research and had all of your questions answered. Your deposit is transferable for up to 2 litters.  Bluebird pups are priced 2-4k depending on markings, size, and eye color. See "Pricing" in our navigation bar. 

We pride ourselves in providing truly exceptional Pomsky puppies at fair/average Pomsky prices.

 The order of puppy picks goes in order of the deposit list.  Puppies are chosen at 4 weeks of age by those on the deposit list before being offered to the public. Our goal is always to further the Pomsky as an exceptional breed working towards AKC recognition; breeder reserves the right for first pick to hold back any puppy in order to evaluate for our breeding program. 

 Payment in full is required by the time your pup reaches 6 weeks of age.  

We encourage you to choose your puppy in person and attend their 6 week veterinary exam, microchipping, and vaccination appointment. Pups may go home at 8 weeks of age. For our out of town puppy parents we have safely shipped our Bluebird pups throughout the United States and Canada. 

To stay in touch with other Bluebird puppy parents and myself we have our private "Bluebird House of Pomsky Families" Facebook page.  It's a lot of fun and a great place to go for advice too!

For your safety, deposit and payments are accepted securely online through Square or Paypal. Once your application is accepted we will send a deposit invoice to your email. Before applying for a puppy please review the links located here on our website as we want to make sure you are fully informed when it comes to your lifelong friend!


Age progression F1 wooly chocolate pomsky

Our Family

How do I purchase a Bluebird House Pomsky?

Our Family

Our dogs are our family and are raised inside our home with us. We are not "backyard breeders" or a puppy mill.  Our puppies are raised in a clean, loving, in home environment. They are loved and handled from birth making them ready to be well adjusted members of their human families. We sincerely hope that all of our puppy placements are permanent, but in the unfortunate event that the new owners are unable to keep their Bluebird Puppy we require that the dog be returned to us.  Dogs/Puppies must not be resold or surrendered to a rescue, humane society, or animal shelter. 

We LOVE what we do here at the Bluebird House. Nothing makes us happier than seeing and being part of the Happiness & Joy that our Wooly baby "Bluebirds" bring to their families!

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Teddybear puppy in the arms of a child

Get To Know Us

Visitation Policy

Get To Know Us

We truly love what we do here at Bluebird House and take great pride in our work! Learn more about who we are and what is included with our puppies. 


Our Contract

Visitation Policy

Get To Know Us

We are confident that you will find our business practice and breeding ethics in top order.  We stand behind the health and well being of our puppies and do so with our short and long term health guarantees and much more! Before placing a deposit on a puppy we ask that you review our contract information by following the link. Your deposit confirms your commitment to uphold the contract. 


Visitation Policy

Visitation Policy

Visitation Policy

Please follow the link to view our policy regarding visiting our puppies. We love visiting with our Pomsky families...and will do so once a relationship is established and a reservation deposit is received.  


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Recommendations & Reviews

10 week old F1 wooly chocolate pomsky

What do our puppy parents say about us?

Having recently lost my 16 year old throwback Pom, I was looking for a new Pom companion with similar traits and working behaviors. As throwbacks are extremely rare, I decided to look into Pomskys as they are very similar to Throwback Poms. Then came the task of finding a reputable breeder. After contacting a number of breeders, it became clear Bluebird House of Pomsky was the best choice. It was obvious after just several conversations, Alaina was focused on delivering a proper pup with an outstanding Pom and Husky combined pedigree. She takes this very seriously. She also takes their socialization development just as seriously. Our new boy Flynn is a smart, playful, and loving pup who acclimated in less than 24 hours. In addition, Flynn received extremely high marks from our personal Vet. 

We really couldn't be happier.

-Scott and Marla parents of Flynn

Alaina of Bluebird House is a reputable breeder who understands the genetics of this cross-breed, and breeds healthy dogs with excellent temperament in a social, family environment.  As promised our puppy Dawn/Fauna was healthy, weaned and eating high quality kibble, being given Nu-Vet Plus supplement (immune support), vaccinated/dewormed, registered, and microchipped (all confirmed by our local vet - including the presence of the correct microchip).  I know the precise age of our puppy because Alaina posted a video of the birth on her private Facebook page. Our puppy at 10 weeks was also housebroken, crate trained, sleeping all night, and is very social with all people/children and other dogs. When choosing our puppy Alaina was very honest about how the puppy would look as an adult, which is difficult to predict with Pomskys; for example, what kind of coat the puppy has (sleek, plush or wooly), if the puppy's eyes would stay blue, how big she will grow, and how her markings would change as she grows up. After much research into this breed I chose Bluebird because Alaina runs this business like a professional.  I contacted approximately ten Pomsky breeders, and Alaina was the only breeder who responded immediately, transparent about the genetics and lineage of her breeding pairs, explained the requirements to purchase one of her puppies, clear about how her waitlist worked and my position on it, what she expected her puppies would look like, and when her litters were due.  When purchasing a puppy I was looking for a partner who would be there throughout the life of the dog, and Alaina is the perfect partner.

-Kimberly mom to Fauna

We got our smart, spunky little ball of fun from Bluebird House of Pomsky and we couldn’t have dreamed up a better dog for us. They are so great to work with and we could tell how much love was put into our pup before we brought him home. And we stay in touch which is great! 

Highly recommend! 

-Kelsi, mother of Bluebird's "Petey"

Thank you for bringing the most loving, friendly, happy puppy into this world. Hero has exceeded my expectations with his temperament, beautiful blue eyes and wooly coat. From the very beginning of my search and the first conversation we had I knew you were exactly what I was looking for in a breeder. I would recommend your puppies to anyone who wants a loving compassionate family dog. Thank you again!

-Melissa, mother of Bluebird's "Hero"

For more reviews please see our Facebook page. 

International Pomsky Association approved Breeder #111


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Be sure to visit our social media links for up to date information, videos, and pictures. We have 184 videos on Facebook under the "Channel" tab. Thanks for coming. Love, Alaina with Bluebird House of Pomsky💙